Our headset covers were created to solve the basic problem that most headset clips are not very good at keeping that expensive belt pack on your belt. Our Commsack covers are made of 1050 Cordura: this is a ballistic nylon fabric that is very resistant to wear and tear. It is used for backpacks, suitcases, duffel bags, and other durable products.

Even though Cordura is a water-resistant fabric, our covers are not designed to protect the belt pack from moisture.
Or covers are designed with heavy duty plastic mil-spec buckles and commercial grade Velcro. We laser cut the fabric to keep it from un-raveling, and then sew it with heavy weight nylon thread on industrial sewing machines. We double stitch all the edges, reinforcing critical areas with nylon webbing to add strength and resist wear. Our belt loop is designed with a polycarbonate core that prevents the pack from falling off your belt, even if it the pack were to become unbuckled. The covers are adjustable to allow you to keep the original clip on the belt pack for the ClearCom FreeSpeak II. In addition to the standard belt mount, we offer shoulder strap versions if you cannot wear a belt or are wearing a dress; a version for that rotates the pack vertically on your belt, and a version for the RAD that allows it to hang lower on your leg. We can also create a completely custom version if that is what you need: covering the volume knobs to prevent accidental adjustment, a lighter-weight version that does not include the metal hardware, or we can create one in your school or team colors! Cordura is available in a variety of colors, but since most of the covers we have made are for the entertainment industry, we always stock black.

Our standard pack includes a metal D-ring on one side, allowing the pack to be clipped to any attachment point with a common carabiner, including the accessory rings on fall-arrest harnesses. The front of the pack has a smooth fabric patch that tape or p-touch labels will stick to, or paint pens can be used. The body of the pack is resistant to most marking and adhesives. We can replace our company label with your own, and are happy to source woven labels in your design.
If you have a different model or brand you would like a cover for, just let us know. We create our own patterns and can usually have a prototype ready in a couple of weeks.