Your door mat or welcome mat is one of the first things people see when they come to your home or business. A custom mat can tell them your name (so they know they have the right house), give a welcome message, or maybe a not so welcome message to solicitors or unwelcome guests.

COIR mats are made from the husks of the coconut. They range in color from light to medium tan. They have a PVC backer and are very good at cleaning your shoes and are very durable. We custom print our mats with a UV printer which provides a clear and durable print. We don’t recommend using large areas of white with UV printing on COIR mats. It will print white, but you can always see the tan of the mat showing through.

We also offer laser engraving on COIR mats. It produces a dark brown image and is an inexpensive way to personalize your mat. While COIR is great for cleaning your shoes, printed mats are really more for personalizing your front (or back) door. If you constantly scuff your shoes across a printed mat, it will start to look worn and faded. Its not that the print is being worn off, but the natural fibers of the mat shedding and covering the print. A quick brush with a broom should bring your print back to life. Our mats can have a grey or black background depending on the size. We offer small sample sizes if you want to get an idea of what a COIR mat is like, and several larger sizes.